How a DSO Company Can Improve Your Marketing

If you have made the decision for your practice to join one of the many emerging dental DSO companies, you are likely hopeful that your practice is about to grow in a major way. Dental DSO companies can leverage their digital marketing by using their size to reach expanded markets. According to WPForms, the use of a digital marketing campaign over email can yield an average ROI of 4,400%!

Your Practice in a Dental Service Organization

With a group practice that includes a number of offices spread across a regional area, it’s possible to expand your practice footprint in a much wider way than with a solo practice that has just one location. Joining a dental service organization (DSO) allows dentists to focus on the clinical aspects of their practices and leave the marketing to a centralized group.

Tasks such as growth strategy planning and overall marketing plans are no longer the worry of the practicing dentist. While they are available to provide guidance and consultation, the dentists within the practice no longer need to worry about marketing campaigns and digital outreach.

The Ability to Grow

By joining or creating organizations such as dental DSO companies, it becomes possible to grow without having to take time away from providing dental services to focus on how to make that growth happen. A DSO is typically comprised of two distinct sides, one that focuses on the clinical aspects of dental practices and another that is centered around corporate needs.

This separation allows both sides of the DSO to excel. Dentists do not strive to become successful marketing professionals, but they are driven by success in their field of medicine. Allowing a dentist to focus on their practice without having to worry about increasing their patient roster can be a major relief.

If you are a dental professional who wants to increase the number of patients that you are able to treat, a DSO can be an effective solution. Rather than having to go it alone, creating a group of practices or joining existing practices together can be an effective way to serve a larger market.

Now is an ideal time to learn if a DSO is the logical next step for your practice. If you’re tired of trying to become a marketing guru while also trying to provide your patients with excellent dental care, a DSO just might be the right solution for you and your practice. Get in touch with us at Join Smilebliss to get started today!

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