How to Capture Attention Through Marketing Techniques

Marketing your orthodontist office requires a dedicated online approach that boosts your SEO presence, impresses your customers, and showcases your experience and abilities. The best orthodontic practice marketing techniques can help you connect with even more patients.

Create Powerful Content

When writing content for your site, try to use information that inspires people to get treatment from you. For example, you can discuss how much orthodontic care improves a person’s appearance and self-esteem. According to Kelton, 47% of teens who get Invisalign braces experience a self-esteem boost compared to 22% who get braces. Discuss facts like these to intrigue your customers and get them to work with you for their orthodontic care needs.

Upload Before and After Photos

Pictures are one of the key orthodontic practice marketing options because they show how much your services can help your customers. Before and after photos (with permission from your patients) will indicate the major improvements your patients get with braces, including traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Include a complete section and testimonials from each patient to improve your marketing and provide more context for your services.

Create an Attractive Website

An ugly, poorly designed website reflects indifference and a lack of professionalism, which can severely damage your SEO and marketing efforts. Try to create a streamlined, appealing, and attractive site. Using neutral colors, ready-to-read text, and a simple design will draw users in when visiting. Remember to make your site mobile-friendly, as well, to ensure you appeal to cellphone users.

Provide Actionable Information

Lastly, ensure that your content and website provide actionable information your customers can use. For example, brushing and flossing guides for braces can help them take better care of their teeth and provide useful information. This content showcases your expertise, draws people back to your site, and increases your SEO rankings on Google and other search engines, helping you rank higher and hit the coveted first-page result. Getting on the first page helps improve your chances of getting search-related traffic to your site.

No matter what type of service you provide your customers, you can find orthodontic practice marketing that makes the most sense for your needs. Get in touch with our marketing professionals at Smilebliss today to learn more about your diverse options. Doing so can ensure you pull in as many patients as possible and expand your business beyond your normal range.

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