How to Get The Best Deals on Orthodontic Supplies and Equipment


Building a Dental Practice

One common challenge for people building a dental practice or orthodontic practice is ensuring effective management while still providing excellent service to patients. For example, a practitioner may be bogged down by procurement while they should really be focusing on their patients. This is why enlisting the help of a dental support organization (DSO) might be the most strategic route an orthodontic practice can take for its long-term success. In this article, you will learn how a DSO can help your orthodontic practice get the best deals on orthodontic supplies and equipment.

What Is a DSO?

A DSO is an entity that provides dental or orthodontic practice owners with administrative, managerial, and marketing support. Their work is taking care of the management aspects of a practice so that a practitioner can focus on delivering the best patient care possible. DSOs work with both new practitioners who are building a dental practice or orthodontic practice, and dentists who have been in the business for many years. In fact, according to JD Supra, 10% of dentists in the US had affiliations with a dental practice managed by a DSO in 2019.

How Will a DSO Help Your Practice Get the Best Orthodontic Supplies and Equipment?

One of the best reasons to join a DSO is to cut costs and get the best deals on orthodontic supplies and equipment. Apart from removing the extra weight of management of procuring supplies and equipment, DSOs have the experience and capacity to bring you the best deals. How do DSOs achieve this?

DSOs Get Closer to the Source

As a small orthodontic practice, it can be difficult to get in touch with the right suppliers. Thankfully, DSOs can do this for you. DSOs have more capacity to enter into long-term relationships with manufacturers. They can even negotiate better deals and get proprietary equipment and supplies.

DSOs Use Economies of Scale

DSOs manage a significant network of orthodontic practices. This means that they require a higher combined volume of supplies. Since they can centralize purchasing orthodontic supplies and equipment, they reduce the cost per unit. For example, transportation or import costs are reduced when the order is in bulk. These savings then get passed on to you, resulting in better deals.

DSOs Follow Trends in the Orthodontic Market

DSOs focus on helping orthodontic and dental practices specifically. Therefore, they can focus all their attention on their specific market trends, innovations, and growth. For example, Global Market Insights found that the typical dental chair costs $2000 to $ 4000, but premium models can reach $8000. The report also shows that the preference for mobile electric chairs is growing. If it is beneficial to invest in an electric chair, this is the type of information that a DSO would pass on to you.

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