Receive Peer Support from the Orthodontic Experts At Smilebliss

Posted on April 7, 2022


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There’s a lot that goes into starting an orthodontic practice. Picking a name, finding the right location, marketing, purchasing equipment. The list of to-dos can become overwhelming, and it can feel like you’re on your own. What if there was an easier way? Well, with Smilebliss, there is!

As a Smilebliss doctor, you’ll never be in this process alone. Here are some of the ways we offer peer-to-peer support.


We know from experience that nothing grows an orthodontic practice faster than incredible marketing. And we do just that! Our team of strategists, copywriters, and designers have created a brand that will get people talking and signing up for treatment. We’ll take care of your branding campaigns and local marketing materials while you take care of the smiles.


Team training can make or break your practice. That’s why we’ve created a training program that has been carefully crafted and documented in online training manuals and ongoing training courses. With Smilebliss training, you and your team will learn Practice Culture and Brand, New Patient Process, Patient Flow and Scheduling, Upsell Opportunities, and more.


Everyone loves a good deal – and we know how to get them. We’ll use our strength and negotiating, our connections, and our purchasing power to give you significant savings on the supplies and equipment you need. What’s more, we have a 24/7 online ordering system so you can get what you need when you need it.

Revenue Cycle Management

You put in the work, and you deserve to be paid for it. We make sure that happens. Whether we’re handling claims with an individual patient or their insurance company, we know how to help you stay on track with collecting payments. With our support, you can watch your practice grow.

Peer Support

Phone calls, Zoom, email, and sometimes face-to-face – however you prefer to communicate, we’re here to support you. Not only will you be connected to our experts, but you’ll also be connected to other doctors that are implementing the same model as you.

From marketing, training, and procurement to revenue cycle management and peer support, we make it easy for you to focus on what you love – making your patients smile. We’ve taken care of everything you’ll need for your practice. You just need to say, “YES!”. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about becoming a Smilebliss doctor.

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