We Provide Training for You and Your Staff

Smilebliss Practice Culture and Brand

Owning your own practice is hard. With staff turnover and the numerous complexities of each position and employee, training can make or break your practice. We understand this can feel overwhelming, and we want to provide Smilebliss doctors with the resources and tools they need to run a successful practice that empowers employees and keeps patients as your top priority.

Our experts here at Smilebliss have carefully crafted and documented online training manuals and ongoing training courses to benefit both the doctors and your staff. So, what do we provide training on? Here are just a few.

Practice Culture and Brand

Like braces from the ‘80s, creating a new brand from scratch is a thing of the past! Smilebliss offers everything you will need for a brand and culture that is fun, relaxing, and well, downright blissful. Our innovative marketing strategists and graphic designers have perfected the Smilebliss brand to get people talking and signing up for treatment.

We’ll provide your team with training on the brand guidelines for your Smilebliss practice, as well as what the culture should look and feel for an awesome patient experience.

New Patient Process

Included in the Smilebliss brand assets that will be provided to you are the essential paperwork you’ll need to welcome new patients into your practice. Our patient intake, insurance, and financial forms are derived from proven practice operational models. We’ll also provide your Smile Team with in-depth training on how to make the patient experience as blissful as possible.

Upsell Opportunities

From teeth whitening kits and our Retainer Assurance program to our incredible Smilebliss merch, there are plenty of opportunities to upsell products and services to patients. The best part? Your Smile Team won’t need a sales degree to upsell! Smilebliss will equip both you and your staff with professional verbiage and techniques to identify upsell opportunities within your practice.

At Smilebliss, we go out of our way to make your job – and that of your entire team – easier with support geared toward everything a growing, successful practice needs. And we enjoy doing it! Contact us to find out if Smilebliss is right for you!

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